REVIEW: Daredevil – “Into the Ring”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Daredevil - Into the RingMarvel’s Daredevil is a Netflix show created by Drew Goddard and developed by Steven S. DeKnight which begins a Netflix adventure for the Disney owned Marvel Cinematic Universe. Make no mistake, Matt Murdock and the rest of the Defenders exist in the same universe as the Avengers – with the Chitauri invasion being hinted at once or twice in the very first episode.

One of the first things you note when watching this show, and having watched the Affleck film, is that the origin story is brushed away rather swiftly in the opening minutes – though I expect to hear more of it later in the season. The origin scene is very good, and I really enjoyed John Patrick Hayden as Matt’s father.

Charlie Cox plays Daredevil and Matt Murdock, and from what we see in the very first episode he is perfect. Great performance by him, Hayden, and actually Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Karen Page. I did enjoy Foggy Nelson, which I didn’t expect – so good job, Elden Henson.

The look of the show is great. It is as gritty as I’ve heard, and the fight scenes are spectacular. Which isn’t to say that the show is completely dark, there are scenes that have a lot of light – but they do stand out in a bad way.

The title sequence is awesome, though some might say it’s been stolen from the NBC show Hannibal, which wouldn’t be unfair.

I like how they, in the first episode, had a healthy balance of violence, backstory, and law and order. But there’s one thing you need to know – the opening episode definitely benefits from the Netflix model. Some scenes are quite slow and detailed, but considering the fact that we still have 12 episodes to go – I’ll let that slide.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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