REVIEW: Better Call Saul – “RICO”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Better Call Saul - RICO
The following is a review of the eighth episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, which premiered in Europe on Netflix this morning. Expect spoilers from the episode.

In the eighth episode of Better Call Saul‘s first season, we finally got to see the McGills working together, in an episode where a con-man finally became a full-fledged lawyer. But did they go too far or are they golden?

RICO opens with a flashback. I’ve not really been that happy with all the flashbacks this season, but this one really worked. Seeing a nervous Jimmy passing the bar, only to be let down by Hamlin worked perfectly – I mean you hate the dude now, almost as much as Jimmy does.

As Jimmy visits one of his clients, he gets one of his first true ‘gotcha’ moments of the season – noticing the use of allowance. As Jimmy gets closer to what has exactly transpired, he discovers – along with his brother – that the owners of Sandpiper Crossing, the old folks home, might be eligible for a RICO lawsuit.

Seeing Jimmy and Chuck work together was absolutely great, and it was, truly, one of the first times I can say that I loved the character Chuck McGill. But as they declined a settlement, Chuck became cocky – high on his own power.

“They’re the Pistons, and you’re the Bulls.”

But he’s not Michael Jordan, and this isn’t just a game. I fear that Chuck’s cockiness will leave both Jimmy, himself, and their clients empty-handed. Meanwhile, Mike visited a vet, the same one that cleaned his wound, and sought some work – Los Pollos Hermanos anyone? No? Just Me? Okay. I am really excited to see what this guy has to offer Mike.

Earlier in the episode Mike was back with his granddaughter in the B-story of the episode – and it was revealed that his daughter-in-law is in need of money. Better call the vet, Mike..

In a very scary moment of truth, Chuck forgets where he’s at – he forgets his problems – and he walks outside to grab some papers from Jimmy’s trunk. Only to be met by a flabbergasted Jimmy – resulting in Chuck finally realizing where he’s at, and thus ending the episode on a shocking note.

The B-story in this episode really didn’t click for me. It felt odd in what was primarily a law-heavy Better Call Saul episode. Let’s face it – this was 42 minutes of law and drama. And I loved every bit of the A-story.

Kudos to Bob Odenkirk and especially Michael McKean. McKean finally won me over – I love this character now. Also, Odenkirk was hilarious in this episode – thanks to a number of great lines – oh and, of course, the dumpster scene.

Better Call Saul continues to be the best show on television in 2015. I fear that RICO might be the beginning of the end of Chuck’s sanity – but this episode proved that they can handle a full episode about law… And order.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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