My Legends

The following list is of people that have meant a lot to me, not including relatives or friends. Therefore, expect to see celebrities on the list – celebrities that mean a lot to me, or have meant a lot to me.

The list used to be a ‘Wall of Fame’ when I was younger, and the old additions will remain on the list. Sometimes I’ll write a full post on the legends as they are ‘inducted’, but that may not happen every time.

Complete List of I’m Jeffrey Rex’ Legends (2002-??):

  1. Lampard, Frank James.
  2. Ryan, Lee.
  3. Hardy, Jeffrey Nero.
  4. Hardy, Matthew Moore.
  5. Bennington, Chester Charles.
  6. Shinoda, Michael Kenji.
  7. Terry, John George.
  8. Linderoth, Tobias Jan Håkan.
  9. Mourinho Félix, José Mário dos Santos.
  10. Leto, Jared.
  11. Čech, Petr.
  12. Hester, Devin Devorris.
  13. Braff, Zachary Israel.
  14. Cole, Ashley.
  15. Drogba Tébily, Didier Yves.
  16. Urlacher, Brian.
  17. Levi Pugh, Zachary.
  18. Murray, William James.
  19. Tillman, Charles.
  20. Di Matteo, Roberto.
  21. Lieber, Stanley Martin.
  22. Williams, Robin McLaurin.
  23. Downey Jr., Robert John.
  24. Moriarty, Colin.
  25. Lucas Jr., George Walton.

Wall of Fame-Era (2002-2010):

  • Frank Lampard, Midfielder and Vice-Captain for Chelsea Football Club (2001-2014).
  • Lee Ryan, Bandmember of Blue.
  • Jeff Hardy, Wrestler.
  • Matt Hardy, Wrestler.
  • Chester Bennington, Bandmember of Linkin Park.
  • Mike Shinoda, Bandmember of Linkin Park.
  • John Terry, Defender and Captain for Chelsea Football Club (1995-??).
  • Tobias Linderoth, Midfielder for FC Copenhagen (2004-2007).
  • José Mourinho, Manager of Chelsea Football Club (2004-2007; 2013-??).
  • Jared Leto, Actor & Bandmember of Thirty Seconds To Mars.
  • Petr Čech, Goalkeeper for Chelsea Football Club (2004-2015).
  • Devin Hester, Kickreturner for Chicago Bears (2006-2013).
  • Zach Braff, Actor known for Scrubs.
  • Ashley Cole, Left-Back for Chelsea Football Club (2006-2014).
  • Didier Drogba, Striker for Chelsea Football Club (2004-2012; 2014-2015).
  • Brian Urlacher, Linebacker for Chicago Bears (2000-2012).
  • Zachary Levi, Actor known for Chuck.


  1. Bill Murray, Actor/Comedian.
  2. Charles “Peanut” Tillman, Cornerback for Chicago Bears (2003-??).
  3. Roberto di Matteo, Former player (1996-2002) & Champions League-Winning Manager for Chelsea FC (2012).
  4. Stan Lee, Comic Book Writer & Character Creator – known for his work with Marvel Comics and Studios.


  1. Robin Williams, Award-winning Actor/Comedian.
  2. Robert Downey Jr., Award-winning Actor.


  1. Colin Moriarty, Video Game Journalist, Video Game Historian, and Podcaster – known for Podcast BEYOND & Kinda Funny.
  2. George Lucas, Academy Award Nominated Director – Creator of Star Wars & Indiana Jones.

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