Month: August 2016

Introducing ‘Thespians and Filmmakers’

Thespians and Filmmakers

In early August, I announced that Favorite Thespians was being dropped from the monthly schedule. In that same post, I also noted that I still wanted to write about thespians, and I wanted to write about directors or filmmakers as well. So, today, I’m going to announce Thespians & Filmmakers, which will essentially replace Favorite Thespians. But first, let’s take a look at what thespians were spotlighted on Favorite Thespians: (more…)


REVIEW: The Night Of (2016 – Mini-Series)

The Night Of Reviewed

The following review of HBO’s Limited Series ‘The Night Of’ contains spoilers for the entire series.

The Night Of is about the murder of a young woman named Andrea Cornish (played by Sofia Black D’Elia). Andrea was killed on an October night, after having slept with Nasir ‘Naz’ Khan (played by Riz Ahmed), a Pakistani-American college student, who took her for a ride in a ‘stolen’ cab car, before returning to her home to spend the night.

Naz flees from the scene of the crime, but is apprehended later the same night. The protagonist of The Night Of soon makes an appearance, as John Stone (played by John Turturro), a lawyer, decides to take on Naz’s case. Soon Stone and Khan must prove that Naz didn’t murder Andrea Cornish, while the show highlights what is wrong with the system.

Desert Island – Q and A

Desert Island - Q&A

Stranded on a desert island. One of the classic conversation starter scenarios. Today, I am going to answer four questions about that kind of situation, in the first ‘Sunday Q&A-post’ ever on this blog. Feel free to give your own answers in the comments. Let’s get to it.

RETRO REVIEW: Blue Valentine (2010)

Theatrical Release Poster - The Weinstein Company

Theatrical Release Poster – The Weinstein Company

The following is a quick spoiler-filled retro review of Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine.

“You always hurt the one you love,” Ryan Gosling’s character sings in Derek Cianfrance’s ‘love story’ Blue Valentine from 2010. That line tells you everything you need to know about this film, which tells a story about two people (played by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams) falling in love, starting a family, and how they become victims of complacency and expectations for their spouse.  (more…)


Release Poster - Netflix

Release Poster – Netflix

The following is a quick review of XOXO, a Netflix original film.

“Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.” – Let me preface this review by saying that I didn’t want to dislike it, when I pressed play on Netflix. I like Sarah Hyland, and she was why I wanted to watch this film. It looked like We Are Your Friends, which I haven’t heard a lot of good things about, but I kept an open mind. But, no, this definitely wasn’t made for me. (more…)

RETRO REVIEW: Spider-Man (2002)

Release Poster - Columbia Pictures

Release Poster – Columbia Pictures

The following is a quick spoiler-filled retro review of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.

Great directors like James Cameron and David Fincher had been interested in making a film about Marvel’s famous wall-crawler, but it was up to the famous horror-director Sam Raimi to show the world just how special this character was, and he really did. Spider-Man is one of the most important superhero films ever made. (more…)

REVIEW: Preacher – Season One (2016)

Preacher Review Outline

The following is a quick review of the first season of Preacher. There are spoilers here.

Preacher takes place in a small town in Texas, where Jesse Custer has returned to be the preacher of his father’s church. Out of the blue, one day, a powerful entity shoots itself into Jesse Custer and gives him the power to force the listener to do exactly what he says. Custer quickly chooses to use his newfound power for his job, but people are coming to stop him from using the power. What is ‘Genesis’? (more…)