Month: July 2016

The Opening Crawl – Dagobah Day #17

Dagobah Day - 2016

In less than five months, we’ll all have seen the first Anthology Film in the Star Wars-franchise. This marks the opening of a new chapter in the franchise and blockbuster filmmaking as a whole. But one thing has me worried about Lucasfilm, Rogue One, and the Anthology Films: they may not include the opening crawl.



REVIEW: Tallulah (2016)

Netflix Release Poster

Netflix Release Poster

The following is a quick review of the Netflix Original Film ‘Tallulah’.

In Tallulah, a young woman nicknamed ‘Lu’ (played by Ellen Page) rescues, or kidnaps, a baby girl from a negligent and irresponsible mother (played by Tammy Blanchard). With no money and no experience as a parent, Lu goes to the mother (played by Allison Janney) of her missing boyfriend (played by Evan Jonigkeit), and says that the baby is his.  (more…)

CLASSIC REVIEW: Aliens (1986)

Theatrical Release Poster - 20th Century Fox

Theatrical Release Poster – 20th Century Fox

The following is a review of the classic science-fiction action film ‘Aliens’. This review was written in July 2016 in honor of the film’s 30th Anniversary.

After the success of 1984’s The Terminator, 20th Century Fox gave James Cameron the go-ahead to direct a sequel to the amazing science-fiction horror film, Alien. No one could’ve predicted the success Cameron’s sequel would get. Even though Alien is, itself, somewhat of a horror classic, Cameron somehow managed to make a sequel that was remarkably different from the original film, but still ended up being a classic, being iconic, and being, easily, one of the best sequels of all-time.  (more…)

REVIEW: Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

Poster - Warner Bros. Animation

Poster – Warner Bros. Animation

The following is a review of the DC Universe Original Movie ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’.

Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot deny that Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke-graphic novel is a controversial but iconic graphic novel. Personally, I get all of the controversy revolving around Barbara Gordon, I don’t like the scenes. But I cannot help but really like some parts of that disturbing graphic novel. Therefore, I was pretty damn excited for the release of this animated DC film, but – and I really hate to say this – Batman: The Killing Joke is a really poor animated movie.

REVIEW: Preacher – “Finish the Song”

Preacher Review Outline

The following is a quick recap/review of the ninth episode of ‘Preacher’, available on AMC in the United States and on Viaplay in Denmark. Expect spoilers for the episode.

In the penultimate episode of the first season of Preacher (“Finish the Song”), DeBlanc and Fiore (played by Anatol Yusef and Tom Brooke, respectively) have to figure out their next move. The ‘Cowboy’ (played by Graham McTavish) returns, and Jesse (played by Dominic Cooper) tries to fix his relationship with Cassidy (played by Joseph Gilgun). (more…)

REVIEW: The Night Of – “A Dark Crate”

The Night Of Reviewed

The following is a quick spoiler review of the third episode of the HBO Limited Series “The Night Of.”

In the third episode of The Night Of (“A Dark Crate”), Naz (played by Riz Ahmed) meets the prison inmates at Rikers Island, including Freddy (played by Michael K. Williams), and Stone (played by John Turturro) negotiates a deal with Naz’s parents.

68th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominees! – Testing Television #4

Testing Television - Breaking Bad

In this edition of Testing Television, I take a look at the major Emmy nominee snubs and surprises. Later, I highly recommend the magnificent AMC crime-drama, new-classic Breaking Bad. But first, here are the television news that you have to know about!