Month: April 2015

NFL Mock Draft 2015

mock draft

Hey there!

I haven’t been blogging about sports or the NFL for a few months, and I might not ever blog about it to the extent I did in 2014 again.

As we head into the Draft, however, I feel that I need to release my 1st Round mock draft – and give you my thoughts on who I want in Chicago. Here are my three favorite players in this year’s Draft: Marcus Mariota, Landon Collins, and Danny Shelton.



REVIEW: Batman (Vol. 2) #40

By Writer Scott Snyder & Artist Greg Capullo – DC Comics

The following is a full written review of Batman (Vol. 2) #40 – Written by Scott Snyder, with art by Greg Capullo – Release: April 29th 2015.

This is it. Endgame’s final chapter. One of the sad things about the business of journalism is that some sites chose to reveal spoilers from the next issue online – and that sparked a debate. Some may have an idea of what’s about to happen going in, but I’m glad to say that this issue works. This comic book review is spoiler free – rejoice. (more…)

Marvelous Monday #15 – Am I Excited For Ant-Man?

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Marvelous Monday - 15

Having now seen Avengers: Age of Ultron and released a spoiler-free review, I’m ready to now look forward to the next Marvel Cinematic Universe-film. And the next one up (the Phase 2 epilogue) is a controversial one for some, it’s finally – FINALLY – time for Ant-Man.


REVIEW: Avengers – Age of Ultron (2015)

Marvel Studios poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron

The following is a spoiler free review of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. The original review was more positive, but I still like the film.

Marvel’s The Avengers is one of the biggest films for comic book nerds across the globe. But with the incredibly successful first Avengers outing in mind, could Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige surprise and wow us again? Well, yes and no. Whedon makes some superhero movie-sins, but does give us visual spectacle.


Marvelous Monday #14 – Questions For ‘Age of Ultron’

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Marvelous Monday - 14
On Wednesday, the 22nd of April, I’ll be seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron in Taastrup, Denmark, and I cannot wait. So for this week’s Marvelous Monday I’ve chosen to highlight the questions I have about this film going in. Think of it as some sort of preview.


What is Rogue One? – Dagobah Day #1

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Dagobah Day

Welcome to Dagobah!

Dagobah Day is a new recurring opinion piece / news post on all things Star Wars. This time on Dagobah, I’m taking a look at the Rogue One details we got yesterday – should we be confident?


Update on Opinion Pieces


The following is an update in the form of bullet points on current and future opinion pieces on this blog.

  • Introducing Dagobah Day tomorrow.
  • Dagobah Day: Recurring opinion piece / news post on all things Star Wars.
  • Best Films By: a recurring opinion piece ranking best films by writer or director.
  • Detective Comics Saturday: now recurring, no longer monthly.
  • Marvelous Monday is still weekly.

I’m Jeffrey Rex