Month: May 2014

REVIEW: X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

WARNING: Expect spoilers from the movie, as well as some details about the end-credits scene

Never doubt Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg again! For a long time I had been looking forward to this movie, until it was only weeks away – then I became afraid that it would basically be another Hugh Jackman solo-movie. Boy, was I wrong. Though Jackman is the main acting presence – this movie belongs to McAvoy’s Xavier. This movie, though, does not leave the old stars behind – they get a lot of screen time – and it works.



REVIEW: Godzilla (2014)

Cloverfield meets Man of Steel.

The following is a spoiler-filled review of Godzilla.

Not long ago, I watched Gareth Edwards’ Monsters for the first time, and that was a fine movie – based on its indie-value. Now in 2014 – four years following his indie-monster-flick – he has been given the opportunity to recapture the spirit of the former movie, with more money and a higher number of audience-members guaranteed. Does it work? Not really. (more…)

NFL Draft 2014 Review: Chicago Bears

David Fales, QB, San Jose State – 6th Round Pick, Chicago Bears.

The wait is over. After having watched the entirety of the 7 rounds we can now take a step back and look at what we got. Now, I will not be grading our Draft Class, for they haven’t played yet – but I will see if I agree with the picks we’ve made, and if we’ve filled the holes we have on our team – the needs we have on our team. So without further ado:


For some this was their top cornerback (it was not for me, but he was up there), and by that respect it’s a good pick. Now, here’s why many Bears fans are upset with this pick, we had our choice of safeties here… HaHa and Pryor were both there, and the former ended up with Green Bay… Still, this pick gets us a future replacement for Peanut Tillman, as well as scores us a starting Nickelcorner – and that’s an important position to fill when you have opponents like Eric Ebron, Brandon Pettigrew, Randall Cobb etc. I like this pick, but I would’ve taken HaHa Clinton-Dix.


We needed a Defensive Tackle, and we got one here. I would’ve reached for a safety here – but Ego fills a need as a 2-technigue. I don’t know a lot about this guy.


When we picked our second Defensive Tackle, this one being 3-technigue, a lot of Bears fans were going crazy – in a good way. There’s been some problems with his weight, but he gained weight for the sake of his team, and he’s down to 290 pounds now, I believe. Good pick – but where is our safety?


Value Pick. Ka’Deem Carey is tough to bring down, though as quick as Forte. Here we have a guy to take over for Michael Bush as the short yardage guy, and backup Running Back. I cannot argue with this pick.


Then we traded back into the fourth round, and that was exciting. Brock Vereen was our guy, a safety from Minnesota. He was on my list for Day 3 in my Day 2 Review, and I’m glad we got him.


Here’s a guy I love. Back in January I started looking for a young backup, and then I saw David Fales – and I loved what he showed, how promising he was. Then I ranked the QB’s a few weeks ago, and I mentioned him as a guy I’d love for Trestman to get his hands on. I called this pick, and I love this pick.


Punters are people too. This guy is built like a linebacker, and looks to have a big kick. You cannot argue with picking a punter in the 6th round (the best punter in the draft), after having seen Podlesh last year.


Building depth on our offensive line, that’s very important – and who knows, he may be the next Jordan Mills.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex.

NFL Draft Day 2 Review: Chicago Bears 2014

So, guess what? We did not draft the safety we need – thus leaving a lot of options open on day 3. After having taken nickel-corner Kyle Fuller in the first, we grabbed Ego Ferguson, LSU, a defensive tackle who’s to play 2-technigue. In the 3rd round, when we were all complaining about not taking Louis Nix (who actually dropped deep into the 3rd round), we picked up Will Sutton from Arizona State – also a defensive tackle, probably looking at 3-technigue. People really like Will Sutton, whereas Ego was a different story – however, having added both I feel comfortable with our defensive line going forward.


Well, we still need a safety – but remaining needs also include a backup QB (though Emery might disagree), a backup running back, added receiving competition and some more linebacking power. I’ve got a list of guys I’d like to share, a list of guys who I’d love to see in a Bears jersey or I think are positional needs that still have value, though not all of them are THAT realistic:

  • Ed Reynolds, Safety, Stanford (PAC-12).
  • Brock Vereen, Safety, Minnesota (Big Ten).
  • Jonathan Dowling, Safety, Western Kentucky (Sun Belt).
  • Craig Loston, Safety, LSU (SEC).
  • Marqueston Huff, Safety, Wyoming (Mountain West).
  • Dion Bailey, Safety, USC (PAC-12)
  • Shayne Skov, Linebacker, Stanford (PAC-12).
  • Michael Sam, Defensive End, Missouri (SEC).
  • Andre Williams, Running Back, Boston College (ACC).
  • Martavis Bryant, Wide Receiver, Clemson (ACC).
  • Marcel Jensen, Tight End, Fresno St. (Mountain West).
  • Devin Street, Wide Receiver, Pittsburgh (ACC).
  • Aaron Murray, Quarterback, Georgia (SEC).
  • David Fales, Quarterback, San Jose St. (Mountain West).
  • A.J. McCarron, Quarterback, Alabama (SEC).
  • Tajh Boyd, Quarterback, Clemson (ACC).


On day 3 we still have 4 picks, 1 in the 4th, 1 in the 5th and 2 in the 6th. Now, I don’t think we need more than 2 or 3 prospects, and if possible I’d like to see Phil Emery trade up a bit to grab the guy he wants. If we leave day 3 with Craig Loston, Shayne Skov and David Fales – for example – I would be happy with this draft.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex.

NFL Draft Day 1 Review: Chicago Bears 2014

So, that was one hell of an opening day. From the shocking Buffalo-trade to the last minute Bridgewater-steal, we had intense debate and intrigue. The big theme of the night was the wait of the QBs. Bridgewater waited all night, Garoppolo was NOT picked and Manziel was picked as #22 (3rd time Cleveland pick a QB at that position). Now, this Day 1 Review will focus on my Bears, as we look at what went right and what went wrong.


Close, but no cigar Bears fans… Aaron Donald did indeed drop down in the draft – and as we sat hoping all the pieces would come together, the St.Louis Rams called the Pittsburgh Defensive Tackle, and got defensively greedy. A lot of us would’ve loved Donald, but we also knew it was a stretch to say we would get the opportunity – meanwhile we felt comfortable that some Defensive Tackles would drop (and some did). Now, I was not that deflated by the ‘loss’ of Aaron Donald – for my two top Safeties were still there for us to pick – Calvin Pryor and HaHa Clinton-Dix; I anxiously waited for Emery to make the pick…


Indeed, the joke is on us – for while Phil Emery decided not to pick a safety – and stuck with a guy he “loves” – HaHa dropped down to #21 and was picked up by the Packers… Also, Calvin Pryor fell to the Jets. Now, who did we get then? Mike Mayock’s 13th ranked player in the entire draft. That sounds great, but we did not fill an immediate need. No safety, no Defensive-line help. Instead we strengthened our Cornerback position. Now, guys, don’t freak out. While we’ve still got Peanut and Jennings – this guy is not JUST the future cornerback, he will also feature in the battle for the nickel-spot. And the nickel position is of importance in today’s NFL. We face people like Eric Ebron, Brandon Pettigrew and Randall Cobb – you’d want a Cornerback taking care of them. Expect to see Virginia Tech Cornerback Kyle Fuller a lot for the Bears – as he is also a top rated Special Teams-player.


With the 2nd and 3rd round picks being announced starting 7 pm Eastern (US), we must now look forward and take a peak at the players we might need. Defensive Tackle and Safety still need to be filled properly. Starting with Safety, we may have a problem. Buccannon, Ward, HaHa and Pryor all went in the first round, and though the remaining players may not be the best in the draft – we desperately need a new Safety – we’re gonna reach. Lamarcus Joyner (Florida State) ranked 65th on Mayock’s Top 100 is still there, as well as his teammate Terrence Brooks and guys like Marqueston Huff. On D-tackle Timmy Jernigan’s still there and so is Hageman & Nix. We have options, but we need to be aware and take the bigger need – not the better player. Go with a safety.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex.

My Draft Board: Chicago Bears

GM Phil Emery of the Chicago Bears.

In this post I will be mentioning players I will be keeping an eye open for, as the Draft begins and moves ahead. Players that I wouldn’t mind having with the Bears. Now, I’m going to be realistic, so no Khalil Mack or Jadeveon Clowney – seeing as they won’t drop to our position, and we can’t trade up. Without further ado, let the Draft Board begin.

Positions of Need

  • Safety.
  • Defensive Tackle.
  • Cornerback.
  • Linebacker.
  • Backup Quarterback.
  • Backup Runningback.

Starting chronologically on the positions of need, we have the safety position. My favourite player who could supposedly get in our reach is HaHa Clinton-Dix from the University of Alabama. I’ve been eyeing this guy for a long time, pretty much the entire off-season. Now, chances are he perhaps won’t be there, teams a couple of picks prior to our 14th pick do want secondary help, and that might hurt our chances at him. If we’re unlucky, and HaHa has already been taken before we get to him, then Calvin Pryor from Louisville is another popular choice. I know more about HaHa than I do about Calvin, but I believe Calvin’s very physical in nature and aggressive in style (which could be a problem and a point of emphasis for scouts). Alternatively, in the second round Jimmie Ward from Northern Illinois would be a popular pick for our Illinois team.  Also, I’ve heard a lot of good about Deone Bucannon, who could be an option if we trade back.

The Bears recently lost Henry Melton, and even though we’ve signed a lot of D-line stars, we still need a young and strong Defensive Tackle to fix our D-line. Aaron Donald would be a dream pick here, but odds are he won’t be there at 14. Now, if we cannot get him it might be better to look at Defensive Tackle in the second round with Dominique Easley.

At Cornerback I really like Darqueze Dennard, but I’ve been told that he’s had a lot of injury problems, and that might hurt his chances with the Bears. Now, Justin Gilbert would fix a lot of things for the Bears, he’d bring added physicality, fresh talent at cornerback and kick-returning abilities. I don’t see Justin falling to 14 either, though. I’ve heard a bit about Pierre Desir of Lindenwood, and I could see him as an option in rounds 3 or 4. Perhaps even in the second.

C.J. Mosley would be great for the Bears at Linebacker, but don’t expect us to pick him as we just grapped 2 linebackers in the draft least year, and signed a few in free agency. Ryan Shazier could take over for Lance Briggs, though, one day – and we should seriously consider him if dropping back in the draft.

Looking at the backup positions I see Andre Williams from Boston College as an option at Running Back, he’s not a pass catcher – but he could fill the need for a strong running back to block and score on short yardage plays like Michael Bush did for us last season. As for backup quarterback? Well, we probably won’t grab one in the early rounds, thus eliminating a lot of people from the equation. David Fales from San Jose State might be an option, though, as a work-in-progress for Trestman.

Enjoy the Draft!

– I’m Jeffrey Rex